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    Custom Ceramic Poker Chips - 39.5mm

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    100% Customized Poker Chips.

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    • €0.96 for 500 chips or more
    • €0.89 for 1000 chips or more
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    Custom Ceramic Poker Chips

    Discover gaming excellence with our custom ceramic poker chips measuring 40 mm in diameter and weighing 10 grams. These premium chips are the perfect choice for poker enthusiasts seeking an exceptional gaming experience.

    Indulge in an unparalleled gaming experience with our custom ceramic poker chips. Create unforgettable memories around the table with chips that reflect your unique style. Turn your poker games into memorable moments with these exceptional chips.

    Diameter: 40 mm

    Thickness : 3,3 mm


    100% Customizable

    Technical Specifications of Our Custom Ceramic Poker Chips

    Premium Material: Our poker chips are crafted from high-quality ceramic, ensuring exceptional durability and extended longevity.

    Ideal Dimensions: With a diameter of 40 mm, these chips provide a comfortable grip while remaining easily stackable. Their weight of 10 grams provides a pleasant sensation during gameplay.

    Sublimation Printing: Offering complete customization, our chips are decorated using sublimation, allowing for sharp, vibrant, and durable designs. Add your personal touch with unique logos, images, or texts. GUARANTEED UNFORGEABLE !

    100% Customizable: Express your style! Each chip is fully customizable, allowing you to create a unique and exclusive set for your poker games.

    Double-sided and Edge Printing: Make a complete visual statement with printing available not only on the front and back of the chips but also on the edges. This adds an additional aesthetic dimension to your game.

    Smooth or Textured Surface: Choose between a smooth texture for an elegant feel or a textured surface for superior grip. Whatever your preference, our chips provide an exceptional gaming experience.

    Pleasant Sound and Soft Touch: When they collide, our chips produce a pleasant sound, adding a sensory dimension to your gaming experience. Additionally, their soft-touch surface provides a luxurious sensation between your fingers.

    Perfect Stacking: The carefully designed structure of our chips ensures perfect stacking, facilitating the mixing and counting of chips during your games.

    Durable Resistance: Designed to withstand daily wear and tear, these chips maintain their shine and quality even after extensive use.

    How to Customize Your Ceramic Poker Chips?

    1 - Place Your Order Place an order for the total quantity of chips: for example, if you want 500 chips with 6 different denominations, indicate 500 in your cart.

    2 - Graphic Design Creation Send us your artwork files to [email protected] in .pdf, .ai, or .psd format. Or, send us a description of your dream chips with text, denominations, colors, logos, images, and we will provide visual proposals. We have a catalog of 130 borders for the creation of your chips.

    3 - Visual Approval We will send you a "Bon à Tirer" (ready-to-print proof) to approve the visuals and quantities.

    4 - Production Once the "Bon à Tirer" is approved, we initiate production.

    5 - Delivery Delivery of the chips takes approximately 5 weeks. We will notify you by email and provide you with the tracking number once they are shipped.

    Some examples of customized ceramic poker chips.

    Poker chips, but not just that!

    Custom ceramic chips are perfect for advertising, business cards, gift certificates, fake currency, drink tokens, and more.

    Some examples of borders

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