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DUCALE Le Jeu Français : "5 OSSELETS métal"
Ducale - Le jeu français

"OSSELETS" - Ducale, the French game

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Master the ancient art of jacks like a skillful ninja and challenge your friends in this simple game of skill and quickness that requires fast reflexes and agility!

Place all the jacks on the ground, toss the "father" in the air, and start picking them up!


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Game type : Jacks Game type
Age : 7 years and older Age
7 years and older
Number of players : 2 to 4 players Number of players
2 to 4 players

DUCALE The French Game: "5 METAL JACKS"

Play the famous game "5 METAL JACKS", one of the oldest and still popular board games.

A little history: Jacks was played with small sheep bones.

Composition to play 5 METAL JACKS:

  • 5 METAL JACKS (including 1 red)
  • 1 player or more

The rules of the 5 METAL JACKS game:

  • You can only touch the METAL JACKS when the red jack is in the air. The red jack must NEVER fall to the ground.
  • Throw the 4 metal jacks on the ground
  • Pick up the red jack
  • Throw the red jack in the air and, before it falls back down, pick up 1 metal jack from the ground, then catch the red jack while keeping the metal jack in your hand.
  • Continue by picking up all the jacks.

Several variations of the game of JACKS are possible, be creative ;)

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Game type
7 years and older
Number of players
2 to 4 players

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