Bouton dealer "PEGASUS" -  82 x 20 mm - en acrylique - transparent
    Cartes production

    "Pegasus" dealer button - 82 x 20 mm - made of transparent acrylic.

    8.25 €
    We are proud to present our exclusive "PEGASUS" Dealer Button made of transparent acrylic, measuring 82 x 20 mm and featuring a unique design printed on the underside.


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    If you want to add a touch of elegance and professionalism to your poker games, this "PEGASUS" Dealer Button is perfect for you.

    Features of the "PEGASUS" Dealer Button:

    Material: Made from high-quality acrylic, our "PEGASUS" Dealer Button is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring long-lasting use and a transparent look that seamlessly matches any type of game table.

    Dimensions: Measuring 82 x 20 mm, this "PEGASUS" Dealer Button is ideal for easy handling by players while still being visible enough to clearly indicate the current dealer in the game.

    Unique and Varied Designs: Our "PEGASUS" Dealer Button is specially designed for those who seek originality and exclusivity. The design printed on the bottom of the "PEGASUS" Dealer Button is unique to Cartes-Production, making each piece truly special and creating a unique atmosphere during your games.

    Why choose our Dealer Button:

    • Exclusivity at Cartes-Production: You won't find this "PEGASUS" Dealer Button anywhere else. Take advantage of this exclusivity to add a unique touch to your poker games.
    • Superior Quality: Made from premium transparent acrylic, this dealer button is scratch-resistant and can withstand frequent use. However, the printed part should be protected in its bubble wrap (provided) between games to prevent scratches.
    • Comfort and Convenience: Thanks to its optimal size, the dealer button is easy to handle, allowing for a smooth transition from one dealer to another during your games.
    • Enhanced Game Atmosphere: The unique and varied designs add a friendly and fun touch to your poker games, creating a unique and enjoyable gaming atmosphere.
    • Perfect Gift: In addition to being a great addition to your own poker equipment collection, our "PEGASUS" Dealer Button is also a perfect gift for poker enthusiasts among your friends and family.

    At Cartes-Production, we are committed to providing high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and unique options that you won't find anywhere else. Order our "PEGASUS" Dealer Button now to enrich your poker games with a touch of elegance and exclusive style.

    Don't wait any longer! Get your exclusive "PEGASUS" Dealer Button at Cartes-Production and enjoy an unforgettable poker experience.

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