"QUEEN" Brass Roulette Marker - 3 x 6 cm

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    The metal "QUEEN" roulette marker is an essential tool for the dealer to maintain order and effectively manage players' bets on the roulette table.


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    The "QUEEN" brass markers for the game of roulette are used to track and record the results of game rounds.

    The "QUEEN" roulette markers have several functions:

    Recording winning numbers: Every time a winning number is determined in roulette, the dealer places a "QUEEN" marker on that number on the betting table. This allows for keeping track of previous results and enables players to easily refer to past winning numbers.

    Aiding in payment verification: The "QUEEN" markers also serve to verify payments when a player requests to be paid for a winning bet. By placing a "QUEEN" marker on the winning number corresponding to the player's bet, the dealer can quickly and accurately confirm the payments to be made.

    Visualizing trends: Players can use the "QUEEN" markers to track the trends of winning numbers. For example, if a certain number appears frequently, players can use this information to adjust their bets and gaming strategies.

    Preventing errors: The "QUEEN" markers help to avoid payment errors or confusion by providing a visual record of winning numbers. They ensure that payments are correct and help prevent any potential human errors.

    In summary, the "QUEEN" markers for the game of roulette are used to record the results of game rounds, facilitate payments, visualize trends, and prevent errors.

    They are an integral part of the organization and management of the roulette game in a casino, providing both practical function for dealers and a visual reference for players.

    Features of the "QUEEN" roulette marker:

    • Dimensions: 2.5 x 4 cm
    • Materials: brass

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