Leçons du Pro Poker Tour – par David Apostolico – 174 pages – Micro Application

    Lessons from the Pro Poker Tour - by David Apostolico - 174 pages - Micro Application

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    Book "Pro Poker Tour Lessons" Publisher's presentation: The Professional Poker Tour, by invitation only, is strictly limited to the top 200 players in the world. David Apostolico realized that facing these poker masters was like attending an incomparable seminar. He takes you through specific hands that he himself played or directly observed, offering detailed analysis that will teach you how to think and react like a pro. The pros will tell you: there are no absolute rules in poker. Evaluation and adaptability are the key factors to succeed against experienced players. Relying on a few principles of play is only effective to a certain extent before your game becomes totally predictable. On the contrary, a smart and customized strategy will always be your best asset. By studying the hands in this book, you will soon be able to decipher the tactics and approaches of legendary winners. This is an opportunity to delve into a more subtle poker: elevate the quality of your game by following players like Doyle Brunson, T.J. Cloutier, Billy Baxter, Berry Johnston, and many others. It is your opponents who will see the difference! Author's biography: DAVID APOSTOLICO participates in dozens of poker tournaments every year. He has won tournaments in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and online. 174 pages.

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