Payment Security

If you choose to pay online by credit card (the safest, simplest, and fastest method), you benefit from maximum security for your confidential data.

In order to guarantee a secure purchase, our site has adopted the SSL encryption process which ensures the confidentiality of banking data.

Thus, at the time of entry and during transfers via the Internet, it is impossible to read them.

In addition, this information is not stored on our servers (which is why we ask you to provide it again for each of your purchases). Your card numbers are encrypted and known only by our banking partner.

We also ask you to provide the last three digits on the back of your credit card. This check allows us to ensure that it is indeed the cardholder who is placing the order. Indeed, these numbers do not appear on your bank statement or on the receipts issued by a merchant.

In the case of an attempt to pay with a card reported stolen, online validation will be automatically declined, as our banking server is connected in real time to the credit card server. You take no risk in paying for your purchases on our site by credit card.