La voyance cash de Joe


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    "Hi, I'm Joe, the buddy you call when you need quick answers! I'll shoot straight for any question! But relax... I'm here to save you time, help you see the bigger picture with humor, and clarify the way."


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    "JOE'S CASH DIVINATION" "With the help of his 55 cards, Joe humorously responds to all your questions that require a positive or negative answer." "Hyena, a fortune teller from the YouTube channel Soul Shadow, has designed a collection of divination tools accessible to everyone: beginners and experts alike." "This collection was conceived as a group of friends; each game has a first name, a divinatory system of its own, and a type of advice that a friend would give based on their personality." "These oracles have the same color tone so that they can be mixed together and enrich your readings." "Illustrations by Alice Wietzel"

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