Custom stickers for ABS poker chips

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    Customizing Poker Tokens with Stickers: A Popular Way to Make them Unique and Special

    Poker token stickers can be printed with custom images, logos or designs to match the branding or theme of an event or organization.

    Here are the steps involved in the customization process with poker token stickers:

    1. Designing the poker token sticker: The customer can provide their own design or work with a designer to create a custom design. We can assist you with the important details regarding quantity.
    2. Printing for poker tokens: The stickers are printed on high-quality adhesive material.
    3. Application for poker tokens: Carefully apply the stickers to cover the surface of the tokens.
    4. Finishing: Once the stickers are in place, check the tokens to ensure that the edges are aligned and the stickers are centered on the tokens.

    Stickers offer an affordable and quick way to personalize poker tokens without the need to directly print them on the token during production.

    Size of Poker Token Stickers:

    The size of stickers used on poker tokens depends on the manufacturer and specific model of the tokens. In general, the sticker size is designed to fit the size and shape of the central surface of the token, covering it completely while leaving enough space for the edges of the token.

    Stickers can vary in size, often ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters in diameter. It is important to check with the manufacturer or supplier of the tokens to know the exact dimensions of the stickers available for the chosen token model.

    For example, the diameter for our ABS models is 31.5mm, but we can accommodate various cuts.

    Feel free to contact us.

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