Cup Holder

Cup holder "SMALL - BRASS" for poker table - 69 mm X 52 mm


Optimize the comfort of your poker games with the "Small - Brass" Cup Holder, an elegant and functional accessory specially designed for your poker table. Its precise dimensions of 78 mm (top) and 65 mm (bottom) in outer diameter, 69 mm (top) and 53 mm (bottom) in inner diameter, as well as a depth of 52 mm, make it the perfect complement for holding your beverages securely during your games.

    Plastic cup holder.


    Improve your gaming experience with the Plastic Cup Holder, a convenient accessory for your poker table. With an external diameter of 9.5 cm, an internal diameter of 7.5 cm, and a depth of 1.5 cm, this cup holder provides an elegant solution to keep your drinks within reach while maintaining the cleanliness of the table.

      Corner rack with plastic cup holder for poker table - 100 chips.

      Optimize space on your poker table with the Plastic Corner Rack equipped with Cup Holders, designed to store up to 100 chips. The 8 cm diameter Cup Holders add a practical touch to this rack, providing a dedicated space for your drinks during the game.
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