Who are we?

Production Cards, The Playing Card Expert

Cartes-Production.com is a site of SARL EXPLORIMPORT
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Our history

2018: the year of great change

To better serve you, we have chosen in 2018 to merge our 4 websites:

- Poker-Production.com
- Distripoker.ca
- Esotericism-Production.com
- Cards-Production.com

The goal is to offer you a unique online store dedicated to card games and related equipment. Cartes-Production.com is the French reference card to play.

Poker, belote, tarot, werewolf, whatever your field of play, our goal is to offer original products, quality, to ensure you card games frenzied.

To share moments of relaxation with family or friends, for frantic tournaments, exceptional magic tricks or "to draw cards", Cartes-Production proposes products adapted to all: individuals, magicians, carders, cartomancers, clubs, associations, casinos, companies ...

The entire Cartes-Production.com team, based near Nancy, is mobilized to deliver fast, quality products at the best price.

2006: the foundations of Cartes-Production.com

At the beginning of Cartes-Production.com, there is Poker-Production.com, a commercial website founded in 2006 by Eric Lelièvre & Laurent Bonnin, amateurs and poker players.

Aged 42 and 38, respectively, these poker enthusiasts are convinced that France will also plunge into the frenzy of poker, this card game playful, social where patience, psychology and discipline are the keys to success.

They believe a lot in the personalization of objects and especially the personalization of poker chips.

The word of the founders

"Once upon a time ... our adventure started in August 2005, when we visited the US, we went through Las Vegas where, at the turn of an industrial zone, we meet the Endy family, a worthy heir to the "Paulson" know-how, Mike Endy, nephew of Paul Endy (creator of the Paulson empire), owner of the "blue chip Company", receives us in his office.

Warm cold atmosphere according to the good will of the air conditioning sluggish, office furniture formica year 60/70, to pale a creator from Ikea, in short the purpose of our visit: understand the market of poker chips. : what are the manufacturers, what modes of manufacture, what countries producers, what weights, sounds, touch, the requirements of casinos, market development ... a lot of questions and too little time, but a solid stone to "l knowledge building of the poker chip!

Following this fruitful interview, the pockets filled with samples (casino of isthmus, Las Vegas ...), we leave with the promise of a possible collaboration.

Back in France, playing on our foldable tables "made in Mr Bricolo", the urgent desire to satiate our "luxury tastes", we knew that our next step would inevitably lead us to the middle empire !!

Indeed, following the complaints made by Dave Endy about his Asian "competitors"; with "fierce insight", we left in January 2006 for a week and a half in Shanghai, foaming Zhejiang Province.

Accompanied by our collaborator, Ke Yang, we visited 11 manufacturers.

Our goals were:

  • Study the process of making a poker chip.
  • Visit the factories and tools used.
  • Understand the commercial and industrial culture of our future employees.
  • Appreciate the ranges and qualities of the products on offer.

    12 days later, with our experience, we return to France, adding our second stone to the "knowledge building" of the poker chip! More seriously, this trip has allowed us to meet human, professional, essential to the construction and credibility of our project.

    February 2006, after the cold and sunny cold of the Chinese countryside, we are now in UK. Once again, driven by our quest for "poker chips" and the opportunity to meet Andrea Green, we fly to Cavendish Square London.

    Who is Andrea Green?
    Andrea Green - VP Global Consumer Products - WPT Enterprises, Inc .: "Global" Head of World Poker Tour Products.
    Residing in Los Angeles, and visiting London for the WPT magazine launch, we had the pleasure of being invited to the party organized for the launch of the World Poker Tour UK Edition Magazine.

    Eric and I were seduced by the WPT product line:

    • First, we felt a very professional marketing and sales policy.
    • Secondly, the products are qualitative: Tokens, briefcases, table top, UK magazine, Public Relation, choice of licensed suppliers, channel + TV show. For many fans, the World Poker Tour is a reference and we wanted to take the means to be the first importers in France. Bet won!

      Here we are at the foundation.

      The objective is to select the best suppliers of card game equipment: ABS, PP, Composite Clay, Ceramics ... cards, books, tables and other accessories ...

      We hope that the site will seduce you as much on the products as on the proposed prices.

      Eric and Laurent