"STAR" dealer button - made of acrylic - 7 x 2 cm

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    Materials : Acrylic Materials

    The XL "Star" Dealer Button is a transparent and elegant poker accessory that will bring a touch of sophistication to your game.

    With its generous dimensions of 7 x 2 cm, this acrylic "STAR" dealer button offers maximum visibility and a commanding presence on the table.

    Main features of the "STAR" dealer button:

    High-quality transparent Plexiglas: Made from high-quality Plexiglas, this dealer button offers crystal-clear transparency, allowing players to easily see the inscription and recognize the dealer's role. The transparent material adds a modern and elegant touch to your poker table.

    XL dimensions for maximum visibility: With a size of 7 x 2 cm, this acrylic "STAR" dealer button is designed to be visible to all players around the table, even in the most animated games. Its large format ensures maximum clarity to accurately indicate the dealer's role.

    Elegant and sleek design: The simplicity of the transparent design gives this dealer button a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. It blends seamlessly with all styles of play and adds a touch of class to your poker table.

    Versatility: This XL Plexiglas dealer button is suitable for all poker variants, from Texas Hold'em to Omaha and many more. It can be used in home poker nights, friendly tournaments, or even professional poker clubs.

    Convenient handling: Thanks to its XL size, this dealer button is easy to grip and move around the table. Its smooth surface allows for smooth and comfortable handling, making it a practical accessory for poker players.

    Add the XL Plexiglas Dealer Button to your collection of poker accessories and impress your friends during your game nights. Its transparency, elegance, and imposing size make it an ideal choice for players seeking a sophisticated poker experience.

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