"PREMIUM" foldable feet for gaming table - very durable.

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    These "PREMIUM" folding feet are perfect for supporting and strengthening your poker tables and game tables in general.


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    Foldable "PREMIUM" Reinforced Legs for Game Tables.

    The foldable "PREMIUM" reinforced legs for game tables are designed to provide a strong and reliable support solution for your poker tables and other games in general.

    These foldable legs are made from high-quality materials for maximum durability, and feature a reinforced structure for increased stability. With a length of 155 cm, a width of 60 cm, and a height of 70.5 cm, these "PREMIUM" foldable legs are compatible with a wide range of game tables and offer precise adjustment for stable and secure holding.

    In addition, the necessary screws are provided with the legs for easy and quick installation.

    The foldable "PREMIUM" reinforced legs for game tables are an ideal solution for professional event organizers or game enthusiasts who want to provide an optimal gaming experience for their guests.

    With their solid design and universal compatibility, these "PREMIUM" foldable legs ensure increased safety and stability for your game tables, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience for all participants.

    Dimensions of the "PREMIUM" foldable legs:

    • Length of 155 cm
    • Width of 60 cm
    • Height of 70.5 cm
    • Weight 8.5 kg

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