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Bundle of "25 counterfeit €5 bills" - imitation bank paper - printed on both sides.

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Make your poker nights even more thrilling with our exclusive bundle of 25 lifelike fictional bills!

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Fake Tickets - "25 €5 Bills" Bundle

Turn Your Poker Nights into Memorable Events!

Make your poker nights even more exciting with our exclusive bundle of 25 Fake Tickets! More real than ever, these bills will bring a thrill of excitement and realism to your Cash Games. Imagine the expression on your friends' faces when you reveal these impressive bills!

Why These Bills Are Essential:

  • Realistic: Printed on both sides, our bills perfectly replicate the texture and size of real Euro bills, adding an authentic dimension to your poker table.
  • Strategic: Increase the intensity of the game by adding a few bundles to your starting stack. Use our exclusive formula to determine the ideal value and impress your opponents from the start!
  • German Quality: Designed and manufactured in Germany, these bills benefit from exceptional quality. Every detail is carefully considered for an unrivaled poker experience.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 120 x 66 mm
  • Net Weight: 18 g

The Obvious Choice for Memorable Nights!

Don't miss the opportunity to take your poker nights to the next level! These fake bills are more than just an accessory; they are the secret to unforgettable nights. Don't wait any longer, get your bundle now!

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