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Black Jack Rack - 350 chips 40 or 43 mm - for gaming table.

Organize your blackjack chips with the Blackjack Rack designed to hold up to 350 chips of 40 or 43 mm. Its outer dimensions of 37.5 cm x 25.5 cm and inner dimensions of 34.2 cm x 21 cm provide convenient and secure storage space for your gaming chips, ensuring a smooth and orderly experience at the game table.
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    "Poker Tournament" wooden storage box for 500 poker chips - removable tray - Wooden bottom.

    The "Poker Tournament" Wooden Storage Box offers an elegant solution for storing and organizing your 500 poker chips. It consists of a removable top tray with 3 racks of 100 chips, a bottom section equipped with 2 racks of 100 chips, and a dedicated slot for 2 decks of cards and other small accessories. This box is perfect for poker tournaments. With 2 handles on the sides, it is easy to transport and adds a touch of sophistication to your poker games.
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    Storage rack for 200 poker chips - made of plexiglass.

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    The Plexiglass Storage Rack is specially designed to organize and display your 200 poker chips measuring 40 x 3 mm. With a transparent plexiglass design, this rack offers an elegant presentation while ensuring the security of your chips. Featuring the capacity to hold two decks of cards, this rack is a convenient accessory for poker enthusiasts.
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