Poker No Stress – par Pascale & Marc Polizzi - 448 pages – livré avec un DVD

    Poker No Stress - by Pascale & Marc Polizzi - 448 pages - comes with a DVD.

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    Poker No Stress Authors: Pascale & Marc Polizzi Format: 17 x 24 cm 448 pages Comes with an audio CD For the first time ever, Poker No Stress not only provides a precise typology of poker-related stress sources, but also prescribes the most effective anti-stress actions to be taken immediately. Poker No Stress is the player's "toolbox", ensuring that they will never again be negatively affected by stress, so often the cause of a bitter defeat. The bonus that brings pleasure: the book is accompanied by an exclusive audio CD featuring a poker relaxation session conducted by the Polizzi cabinet. - Poker No Stress is introduced by Vanessa Hellebuyck, the 2010 WSOP Women's World Champion. - Poker No Stress is the first book in the world to reveal the corresponding anti-stress action for each type of stress. - Poker No Stress is the first poker book to include an audio CD in which the authors offer a poker relaxation session. - Poker No Stress is the first book in the world to describe the 82 main sources of stress in poker. - Poker No Stress is written by recognized individual coaching specialists in their field. - Poker No Stress is illustrated with nearly 400 diagrams and photos. - Poker No Stress also includes quizzes and a FAQ section with 52 questions.

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