Drop Box "SMALL" - for poker table - made of metal - double closure.

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    The "SMALL" Metal Drop Box for poker and casino tables is the essential accessory to guarantee security and convenience during your poker games. Designed to meet the strictest standards of gaming establishments, this collection box (Drop box :) ) is a must-have for serious players. Made of solid and durable metal, this "SMALL" Drop Box offers exceptional durability. Its elegant and discreet design seamlessly integrates with any poker or casino table, adding a professional touch to your gaming space. The double closure of this "SMALL" Drop Box is a major asset. It is equipped with two locking mechanisms: one for the box itself and another to securely hold it under the table. This double security ensures the protection of money and chips, avoiding any accidental opening or attempted theft. "SMALL" Drop Box, compact yet generous: With dimensions of 23 cm in length, 12 cm in width, and 12 cm in height, this Drop Box offers a generous capacity for collecting bets and wagers. Its convenient size allows for efficient collection of chips and bills without cluttering the playing area. The installation of this Drop Box is simple and quick. It is designed to be attached under your poker or casino table by 4 points (screws not included). Once installed, it remains securely in place, providing a secure and reliable solution for fund collection. With a net weight of 2 kg, this Drop Box is lightweight and easy to handle. Its metal material ensures lasting resistance while being light enough for hassle-free installation. Choose the "SMALL" Metal Drop Box for poker and casino tables and ensure that your games are conducted safely and smoothly. Don't leave anything to chance when money is at stake. Order your Drop Box today and enjoy the assurance of professional high-quality equipment. Features of the "SMALL" Drop Box: - Durable metal Drop Box for unparalleled security - Double closure for enhanced protection - Convenient dimensions of 23 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm for efficient collection - Easy installation with 4 attachment points (screws not included) - Net weight of 2 kg, combining strength and lightness Choose the "SMALL" Metal Drop Box and play with confidence, knowing that your money is secure. Add this essential product to your poker equipment now and get ready for exciting and worry-free games!

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