Ducale - Le jeu français

    "Yahtzee 5 dice and a score pad" - Ducale, the French game.

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    Will you bite off more than you can chew in Yam's?

    Take all the dice in your hand with confidence, shake your wrists vigorously (it is said that the better mixed the dice are, the luckier you will be), clasp your hands... and roll all the dice!



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    Share your joy of playing with the game of Yam's!

    Will you have eyes bigger than your stomach? Take all the dice confidently in your hand, shake your wrists hard (it seems that the more the dice are well mixed, the more the luck enzymes activate), embrace your hands... and roll all the dice!

    So, should we keep the 2 dice of 5 and roll again? Well, in the end, should we keep the 3 dice of 6 or go for Yams? Ah, too bad.

    Each player has 3 rolls of dice to score as many points as possible according to the 13 combinations offered in the score block: Square, Full, small and large Suite...

    A simple and family-friendly game of chance, which also helps with learning calculations. Its travel format is ideal for taking your game everywhere, on all occasions.

    From 6 years old, 1 to 6 players

    Contains 5 white dice of 18mm with black markings, 2 Yams score blocks (40 pages per block) and a white fabric pouch for storage.

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