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Ducale - Le jeu français

"200 GAMES"

Are you more into strategy games, games of chance, or both? This set is packed with accessories and board games to have a good time! Thanks to our rulebook, you can play 200 different games, regardless of the number of players and the occasion.
    Ducale - Le jeu français

    "CHESS" - wooden pieces


    Chess is an ancient game of strategy, known as the "Game of Kings". It is now the most popular strategy game in the world.

    This chessboard is made in France and will be perfect for the whole family, including beginners.

      Ducale - Le jeu français



      You will see all the colors in this express version!

      Get rid of your cards as quickly as possible by stacking words, colors, both... or the reverse!

      A lively and fast-paced game for the whole family.

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      Ducale - Le jeu français

      "COLOR ADDICT" - new version


      With family, with friends, you're going to see all kinds of colors!

      Get rid of your cards as quickly as possible by overlaying words, colors, both... or the opposite (are you following?)!

      But be careful of the special cards, completely crazy, that can change the course of the game!