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Poker : Passer Pro – par Manuel Bevand – 240 pages -Edition Fantisium

Poker: Going Pro - by Manuel Bevand - 240 pages - Fantisium Edition

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Book "Poker: Going Pro"

Is living from poker a fantasy? Not anymore since the recent opening of casinos for poker, the development of international competitions, and online poker. Players who master the strategy well enough can generate enough profits to have a regular income.

Who is Poker: Going Pro for? It is for beginners as well as semi-pros, and even professionals themselves. Everyone will find tools, testimonials, and advice to succeed in this rebellious profession. But be careful: like in all professions that require both technique and genius, there are many called but few chosen.

The killing questions!
- Are you ready to prioritize profit over pleasure?
- Are you ready to face hostility or contempt from your surroundings?
- Do you feel capable of losing your capital and starting over? Several times?
If yes, this book is for you!

240 pages

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