Oracles and tarot

The Tarot of "DJANGO"

"Hello! I'm "DJANGO", a cartomancer from generation to generation! Tradition is important to me. I inherited from my mother a passion for tarot that I am eager to pass on to you. You know, tarot is not as complicated as it seems! I have dusted off the whole thing to focus on the essentials."

    L'Horoscope de "LEILA"

    "Hello, I am Leïla! I have always been enchanted by the stars, and the sky is my guide. My thing is astrology, just like the ancients passed it down to me. I share their secrets with you through my simple and accessible perspective. Come join me for a playful and divinatory initiation."

      "The Loves of Marlo"

      "I am Marlo. Life is too short, and to poison it with romantic misadventures? Your love stories touch me, and it's important for me to help you see more clearly. Let's take a step back together and decode the mysteries of relationships!"

        "Sophie's confidences"

        "Nice to meet you, I'm Sophie! People have been confiding in me for as long as I can remember, from everyday thoughts to big existential questions. I'll help you find understanding by asking you questions. They say I'm wise and lively, it's just because I have experience. I'll accompany you so that you can share it with others in return."

          "Lucie's Oracle"

          "Hi, I'm Lucie, I'm often consulted to provide answers to all kinds of questions. My friends say that I am gentle, caring, with a talent for conveying wise advice through my oracle cards."

            "Divination according to Jack"

            "I am Jack, the dandy of playing cards! Cards are my whole life. They have brought me success, fame, and hold no secrets for me. I am delighted to share their expert advice with you, with honesty and always with elegance!"

              "Charlie's Coaching"

              "Hello, I am Charlie, your personal coach, but also your future best friend and confidante. I will accompany you in your personal journey in a refreshing and always pragmatic way."

                "JOE'S CASH CLAIRVOYANCE"

                "Hi, I'm Joe, the buddy you call when you need quick answers! I'll shoot straight for any question! But relax... I'm here to save you time, help you see the bigger picture with humor, and clarify the way."

                  The "VISION QUEST" tarot deck

                  The Vision Quest tarot, designed by Gayan Sylvie Winter and illustrated by Jo Dosé, carries within it, thanks to its symbolism inspired by Native Americans, not only the spirit of traditional tarot games, but also the spirit of shamans and the medicine wheel.

                    "KEYMASTER" Tarot

                    Follow the "KEYMASTER" and look behind the closed doors of the mysterious house! 78 tarot cards with gold leaf and a 96-page color booklet.

                      "OLD TAROT OF MARSEILLE"

                      This is the historical heritage of French cartomancy! Copied a lot but never equalled! The best-selling Tarot in France and THE reference in cartomancy abroad.
                        France Cartes

                        "OLD MINI MARSEILLE TAROT"

                        This is the historical heritage of French cartomancy! Copied a lot but never equaled! The best-selling Tarot in France and THE reference in cartomancy abroad, in pocket version.
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                        "ORACLE BELLINE"

                        This game was designed by the illustrious Mage Edmond at the end of the 19th century and rediscovered by Mage Belline in the 1960s, who gave it its name.
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                          "The BELLINE HOROSCOPE"


                          Building on the success of his famous oracle, the seer Belline has created "THE BELLINE HOROSCOPE" specifically for beginners wishing to learn the art of cartomancy.